The recent Tokyo Auto Salon did host a huge number of JDMs, but it seems that most of them were dominated by the monstrous Nissan GT-R R35s. Coupled with the great support given by the guys from the Singapore GT-R Owners Club, the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013 is the place to be if the GT-R is the car that screams in your dreams.

Every single car that sits at the SG GTROC is a total looker, whether it is stock looking or almost losing its road-legal status. This particular GT-R caught our eyes as it has a very similar sibling over in Malaysia, having half of its body in carbon, and the others in its original body part covered in a contrasting white paint.

Even without an aftermarket kit, this GT-R is just a looker, having bathed in a coat of candy red paint that looks almost similar to McLaren’s Volcano Red paint scheme on their MP4-12C.

And surprisingly enough, there was an R34 in the Auto Styling sports a coat of paint almost similar to the previous R35! Which would you prefer the most; the older brother or the younger and more powerful 35?

R34s are getting extinct, and we could only find a second specimen settling in Team WestLake Tires’s booth. Reminds you of Fast and Furious?

We also paid a visit to LHB Motorsport’s booth and they brought a couple of GT-Rs on display. But of course the one that we are interested in is their carbon-clad time attack machine that once blasted through Sepang on last year’s TIMETOATTACK. We believe that this monster will be making a comeback in this year’s TIMETOATTACK with a brand new attitude, so do keep an eye on that.

Talking about carbon-clad, the Top Gear Singapore booth also had a similar machine basking in the spotlight, gaining attention of every petrol head that passed by.

The GT-Rs coming in from Japan were also the stars of the show, looking both mean and aggressive at the same time. While the one on Varis is a good example of subtle touches without any major changes on its exterior…

…it is the one on Abflug’s booth that we absolutely love. Slapped with a mean Varis bodykit, this has to be one of our most favorite cars from the whole show.

We have the best from the TAS SG 2013 Auto Styling soon to come, so stay tuned for more JDM goodies!