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The M409 is developed to withstand for long periods of time under high temperature and high load conditions.

The M409 product consists of non-polymer, ester type base stocks with chemical structure and molecule weight distribution of each base stock being properly blended in a state of micron level.

Differently balanced function additives are added to each type. The M409 is aimed at drawing performance from the LSD and the M409M is specialized in synchronizing the performance of the synchronizer ring.

All M409 products can be used for dog missions.

M409 M409M
75W140 80W250 75W140 80W250
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 246 363 234 349
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 31.9 42.5 31.9 42.2
Viscosity Index 173 172 180 176

Product Description

Introduction to Moty’s Gear Oils

Ordinary lubricants simply cannot cope with demands for smooth drivability with quick and safe shifting

Moty’s gear oils are developed to withstand high temperature and high loads with the ability to perform each characteristics to the fullest.

Ordinary gear oils have been developed for smooth lubrication to prevent the wear of gear tooth without the need for outright performance.

However, ordinary lubricants simply cannot meet the growing demands for advanced automotive gear lubrication that provides smooth drivability with quick and safe shifting. Enter the Moty’s gear oil range.

In a transmission system, high levels of hydraulic control properties and slip control properties are required. In other words, it is crucial for modern gear oils, to not only to cope with old-fashioned smooth lubrication of gears, but also to cope with new types of gear materials and versatility of gear system designs.

Furthermore, even in the same LSD gear systems, Moty’s take into consideration the difference in driving conditions such as the level of pre-load and frequency of overhaul, and operating temperatures to select the most suitable gear oils.

That is why Moty’s specifically developed five strategic type of gear oils with various viscosities to cater to your intricate needs.


The World of Specialized Lubricants

More and more engines, be it performance, tuned or race purpose have no choice but to turn to off-the-shelves products, limiting their potential.

That’s prior to discovering Moty’s

The world is changing and the days where companies can freely develop and manufacture lubricants is over. Specialized lubricants are on the decline. These days, most mainstream companies face various governmental regulations when producing their lubricants, forcing them to focus on efficiency and to pursue profit, more so in the face of the rising cost of crude oil and globalization.

This causes technological innovation to slow down and developments relating to efficiency are becoming increasingly important. Major lubricant manufacturers had divert their attention away from the niche market of tuning and motorsports. Thus creating a gap in the supply of high-performance lubricants.

More and more engines, be it performance, tuned or race purpose have no choice but to turn to off-the-shelves products, limiting their potential.

That’s prior to discovering Moty’s

At Moty’s

Despite the change in the world’s general focus towards efficiency, needs for unique and specific engine lubricants are on the rise.  We at Moty’s understand that and have continued to remain active as a true innovator of new technology for over a decade. We have and will continue to supply special lubricants for international racing events, no matter big or small to fulfill demands of the end user.

Our experience in the world of specialized lubricants enabled our profession as engineers to assist other major oil manufacturers to improve current or develop new, higher-performing lubricants. Our unique experience and knowledge has made us the leading engineering team for specialized engine lubricants in the international marketplace.

Additional Information

Viscosity Type

75W140, 80W250


1 Liter, 4 Liter


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