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Supports most Dry system Dual Clutch transmissions including 7-speed VW / Audi DSG / RenaultSport Clio RS EDC – Daily driven / Track days

The performance required from a DCTF is not just one aspect. Slip control characteristic on the multi-plate clutch, compatibility with the synchromesh, hydraulic control characteristics, anti-wear characteristics on the gears, durability etc.

The aspects mentioned above needs to be maintained at high levels of performance. Not to mention the compatibility of materials used, Moty’s DCTF are thoroughly considered from the stand point of trybololgy and to be made as a non-polymer type fluid with the combination of special hydrocarbon type base stocks.

Thus, the viscosity index of Moty’s DCTF reads higher than ordinary DCTF and yet has low temperature viscosity characteristics maintained. This product also has high anti-wear characteristics, and oxidation stability under high temperature and high load conditions.

Moty’s uses totally new function additives to achieve these high performance characteristics of M351 and M352. For low viscosity applications, we have the M350 and M351L.

For endurance and/or thermal stability applications, we have M353.

M350 M351L M351 M352 M353
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 23.1 34.1 39.8 52.0 69.2
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 4.98 6.56 7.31 8.67 10.5
Viscosity Index 147 151 150 144 138
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Product Description

Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

DCT(Dual Clutch Transmission) is regarded as the next generation in automotive transmission to the automatic transmission, that possesses smooth performance just like an automatic transmission but with high transmission efficiency of the manual transmission.

Furthermore, it contributes to better fuel consumption and comfortable gear shifts. Without question,  dual clutch transmission systems are rapidly being adopted especially by European manufacturers of high performance cars.

On the other hand, due to the trends of downsizing, constraints such as space, comfort  and driving stability, the functional parts of a DCT are subjected to high temperature because of layout and space limitation. To cope with this concern, and to extend the life of any DCT, Moty’s developed 5 types of DCTF for best fitting of various conditions.


More and more engines, be it performance, tuned or race purpose have no choice but to turn to off-the-shelves products, limiting their potential.

That’s prior to discovering Moty’s

The World of Specialized Lubricants

The world is changing and the days where companies can freely develop and manufacture lubricants is over. Specialized lubricants are on the decline. These days, most mainstream companies face various governmental regulations when producing their lubricants, forcing them to focus on efficiency and to pursue profit, more so in the face of the rising cost of crude oil and globalization.

This causes technological innovation to slow down and developments relating to efficiency are becoming increasingly important. Major lubricant manufacturers had divert their attention away from the niche market of tuning and motorsports. Thus creating a gap in the supply of high-performance lubricants.

More and more engines, be it performance, tuned or race purpose have no choice but to turn to off-the-shelves products, limiting their potential.

That’s prior to discovering Moty’s

At Moty’s

Despite the change in the world’s general focus towards efficiency, needs for unique and specific engine lubricants are on the rise.  We at Moty’s understand that and have continued to remain active as a true innovator of new technology for over a decade. We have and will continue to supply special lubricants for international racing events, no matter big or small to fulfill demands of the end user.

Our experience in the world of specialized lubricants enabled our profession as engineers to assist other major oil manufacturers to improve current or develop new, higher-performing lubricants. Our unique experience and knowledge has made us the leading engineering team for specialized engine lubricants in the international marketplace.

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