The Goldmember GTR – Bringing Neverland’s Party to TIMETOATTACK!

It is in our nature that the need for speed can never be satisfied, and we will keep on pursuing this addictive sensation to its absolute limit. Back in our Issue #1, we featured a spanking red Nissan S15 Silvia that has made countless appearances at TIMETOATTACK, and it is certainly a fearsome track weapon [...]

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Audi RS4 B5 MTM – Deceiving Supercars on a daily basis

When it comes to high powered, gut wrenching wagons – only one automaker comes to mind. The ingolstadt born and bred, Audi. Till this day and age,almost every wagon that blasts through your rear view mirror at biblical speeds is either an S or RS Audi Wagon. Getting a glimpse of a superwagon in our [...]

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Satisfying Dad’s Wild Side – the Lancer Evolution Wagon

When a petrolhead settles down, family wise he is often faced with serious dilemmas;  primarily being, whether to keep his rebellious, fast and furious ride or simmer down with something more “family-friendly”, which could probably be a dreary and slow minivan. Fortunately, Mitsubishi recognizes that every dad has his wild side, and produces something like this Lancer Evolution IX Wagon.   [...]

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Getting the Best of Both Worlds – Nissan RPS13

A popular choice among the drifters and FR enthusiasts all over; the S-chassis Nissan. A multi-generation platform with the iconic sports coupe physique, coupled with an FR platform and a bullet-proof turbo 2.0 SR20DET. Being a perfect example of a stance and drift scene multi-tasker is a local gleaming red 180SX that we managed to [...]

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The Silver Surfer – Cutting Through the Wind via Fluid Motion

They say that the eyes could deceive you; they were not wrong about that. We are seeing an increased number of sleepers on the road where, beneath the sheepish skin, are fearsome predators when provoked. While a GT-R might not be what one would call a sleeper, this Silver Surfer has a deceiving appearance no [...]

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Driven: Bentley Continental GT Speed – fastest luxo-barge hooned in yet!

When VW Group took over the reins at Bentley Motors and launched the Continental GT, it proved to be an immediate success, with over 26,000 units sold worldwide. In fact, the Continental’s sales figure account for over 33% of the brand’s total sales. With an all-new Continental model launched in 2010, Bentley also took the [...]

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The 964 Speedster – When rarity meets exclusivity

Porsche has a history of making very different iterations of the same car – and although it may be named differently, they are practically the same car. The 911 is developed on a shape that seem to die hard, and whether enthusiasts like myself like it or not, trace back the roots of the 911 and [...]

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Team Tedco Racing’s No.27 Satria Neo Finishes in Fifth at the MSS Round 3!

The Malaysian Super Series or MSS has been attracting drivers from all over Asia and on the recent Round 3, Team Tedco Racing fielded a new driver line-up for their Proton Satria Neo’s car No.27. Although it was the first time for Rally Marina and Marshal Jahja from Indonesia to go around Sepang International Circuit, [...]

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Driven: The Hyundai Veloster – appeals to the youth in you

Let's begin with the concept of this car - the asymetrical configuration of the door is utterly odd. On the driver's side, you get an elongated door just like a coupe, and on the other, 2 doors. One in the front, one in the back. This is to give the Veloster 'dual personality', where the [...]

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Celebrating 50 years of the 911 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the most iconic sports car in the world, the Porsche 911. Over the period, Porsche has developed 7 generations - and has successfully baffled the minds of car enthusiasts around the globe with every example coming out of their designing studio. By 2013, over 800,000 units has been [...]

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