They say that the eyes could deceive you; they were not wrong about that. We are seeing an increased number of sleepers on the road where, beneath the sheepish skin, are fearsome predators when provoked. While a GT-R might not be what one would call a sleeper, this Silver Surfer has a deceiving appearance no one would have thought would be the fastest GT-R at our 2013 TIMETOATTACK Round 1.


Meet the mighty GT-R from Ascendant Motorsport. A regular on at our TIMETOATTACK since the beginning, is well-known for making their way to the podiums in 2 other, but similar uber-exotic Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, with the other being the Singapore Limited Edition. But now, they are aiming higher and had changed their track weapon into something deadlier and more focused, which is where the GT-R fit perfectly.

But mind you, since Ascendant Motorsport has a reputation to maintain, this GT-R will be unlike any that you have encountered on the roads or circuit. From the outside, it may not sport a menacing widebody kit or a massive rear wing, but the mods done to this Godzilla is more than enough to outrun even the purpose-built Time Attack Machines and emerge victorious in the recent TIMETOATTACK Round 1.


Starting from the outside, the low profile exterior is actually more than meets the eye as it is prepped specifically to cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. Loaded with the best that Varis could offer, the Silver Surfer sports a Varis carbon fiber front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser and bonnet. While the bumper came from VeilSide, we are particularly interested in the aftermarket spoiler mounted on this GT-R.

Still a new and ground-breaking technology in the tuning world, the Silver Surfer’s aero efficiency is drastically improved through the Aeromotions S2 Dynamic Rear Wing. Operating similar to Formula 1’s Drag Reduction System, although this one operates automatically, or should the driver prefers, is able to adjust the angle of the spoiler to achieve the desired downforce, whether if it is on the high-speed straights or the tight and twisty corners.

Under the hood, the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine no longer produces the humble 480hp like it used to be. With the power plant now packed with various aftermarket parts like Boostlogic’s custom intercooler piping and full exhaust, G-reddy Trust intake plenum and throttle bodies, and COBB’s engine management system, the Silver Surfer now breaths 800+hp on race fuel.

And like usual, with great power comes great responsibility. There is no way that the stock drivetrain parts can manage 800+hp, so the power is now sent to the wheels via a Dodson Sportsman 8-plate clutch transmission kit, coupled with Willall gearbox upgrades.

The suspension had also been swapped with JRZ’s 4-way adjustable coilovers, while Forged’s front and rear sway bars keep the GT-R from rocking too much. And last but not least, taming all these berserk horses are AP Racing’s J-Hook front rotors, and a custom-built front and rear brake duct.

We have not seen the last of this speedy Silver Surfer, and it will most probably appear on our 2013 TIMETOATTACK Round 2. Will it make another appearance with more power and state-of-the-art equipment to secure the top spot on Round 2?

Crowned Fastest Man at the 2013 Round 1 at a blistering 2:21.976, Ascendant Motorsport’s Silver Surfer is currently TIMETOATTACK’s All-Time Quickest on semi slick tyres. Will it hold onto the title for 2013? Only time will tell, and with the influx of beastly GTRs at TIMETOATTACK these days aiming for sub 2:20s at the next round, the competition is now white-hot!