It is in our nature that the need for speed can never be satisfied, and we will keep on pursuing this addictive sensation to its absolute limit. Back in our Issue #1, we featured a spanking red Nissan S15 Silvia that has made countless appearances at TIMETOATTACK, and it is certainly a fearsome track weapon that should not be toyed around with.


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But somehow the owner now craves for a higher dose of adrenaline than what the Silvia could provide and unsurprisingly jumped into the infamous monster that has been making headlines all over; the GT-R.



While we are receiving an influx of GT-Rs on Malaysian roads, this one is hardly like any of those. From the outside, the matte gold wrap and a large Esprit spoiler might suggest a lightly modded look for individuality, but this Goldmember is actually a full-on, road-legal time attacker that had clocked a blistering 2:23.687 on our last 2013 TIMETOATTACK Round 1, earning him third place on the GTR Hall of Fame.




With such a daunting lap time, what exactly runs through the veins of this matte Gold-zilla? For starters, this GT-R has been prepped by the infamous tuning house, Garage R from the south, across the Causeway and loaded with a myriad of HKS parts. Most notably is the HKS GT-800 kit, a reliable package that provides an edge over the other GT-Rs.




Running on the same setup – this GT-R is driven on a daily basis, in the exact configuration. It has taken the owner on countless long journeys and even to his local grocers, and it has not missed a heartbeat. Its presence at TIMETOATTACK renders us speechless, when it only lapped a shy 2 seconds from the attack-ready Ascendant Motorsport GT-R and ST Wangan’s circuit-bred Evo.




It was a short and sweet transition between Ken Ji’s monster S15 to the Goldmember, when at 2012 TIMETOATTACK Final round he’d brought both of his attack machines. And although there has not been a final word if the S15 is retiring from Sepang, we can be sure to look forward to the GT-R to reappear and send the shockwaves of fear in catching the fastest time ever clocked at TIMETOATTACK.


Our last short conversation with Ken Ji reveals the near future plans for the Goldmember – that includes new, wider lightweight wheels, suspension setup and brakes. In the pursuit of the Title of the fastest man at TIMETOATTACK, this machine will be one of the most competitive beasts on Sepang.



  • Dixcel FS Racing brake rotors
  • Dixcel Type-R15 brake pads
  • Endless brake hoses
  • HKS Garage R customised racing alloy hats
  • HKS Kansai Carbon Fibre brake cooling ducts
  • Titanium brake pad heat shields


  • HKS EVC V (R35 Edition)
  • HKS F-Con V Pro


  • Carbing Radiator Reserve Tank
  • HKS Garage R Carbon Fibre engine cover
  • HKS GT-800 Kit
  • HKS R35 Intercooler Kit with carbon fibre shroud
  • HKS Premium Suction Kit
  • HKS Racing Suction Reloaded
  • HKS Super Fire Racing spark plugs


  • AutoDetailer Studio Satin Gold wrap and Signature Detailing
  • Espirit GT Wing 262
  • MCR LED rear side marker


  • Billion Super Thermo Coolant
  • Endless RF-650 brake fluid
  • HKS DCT Transmission Fluid
  • HKS G-1400 Synthetic Differential Gear Oil
    HKS Racing Pro Oil (10w-50)


  • Dodson Motorsport adjustable suspension arms
  • Dunlop OEM Road Tyres
  • HKS Garage R custom-made wheel spacers
  • HKS Hipermax III Sport suspension system
  • HKS Kansai anti-roll bar set


  • Upgrades rated for 1000hp
  • Dodson Motorsport Clutch Kit
  • Dodson Motorsport Transmission Filter
  • Dodson Motorsport Transmission Pump
  • Dodson Motorsport & South Side Performance Transmission Upgrades
  • HKS Reinforced Transmission Oil Pan
  • Willall Racing transmission brace