The Malaysian automotive scene may seem concealed but if you put yourself out there – you will bound to find the right cliques because although it may be relatively reserved, in the deep underground, the automotive scene is raging. May it be JDM, Supercars, Stance-cult or even Touge enthusiasts – they are all around us.

Filling in the Euros segment, especially for the ‘Veedubbers’ – Volkswagen Club Malaysia is the largest VAG-cult in Malaysia. May it be owners, or even enthusiasts; what started as a small forum within a circle of friends has today grown up to 5000 registered user from across Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and even as far as South Africa.


VWClubMalaysia was formed back in 2 June 2011, and since birth, the club has become more than just a forum for discussion. It is a base-home for anything Volkswagen, from lifestyle all the way to motorsports. The club has pioneered 3 track days in Sepang International Circuit for the enthusiasts and from time-to-time, friendly drives are organised in search of great driving roads coupled with great food which are always highly encouraged by the members.

Every fortnight – ‘Teh Tarik’ sessions are organised by the moderators to promote interaction out of the forum and sometimes for a drive to stretch their legs. The customary Friday-night meet has a regular turn up of more than 30 cars, which at times reaches twice the number depending on seasons. This regular interaction livens up the relationship between the members – to which it has lead the metamorphosis from acquaintance to ‘buddies’.

In celebration of the club’s 2nd birthday, members from all over the country gathered recently on the 1st of June and head up to the hills. With a selection of over 70 Volkswagens – from the TSIs to the Rs (even a couple of Audis), we head up to the hills at 7am sharp in commemoration of the camaraderie. A short blast through Ulu Yam lead the members up to Goh Tong Jaya for some breakfast and get-to-gather that was contrasting to the usual sessions.

If you have passion for VW, motorsports and a great crowd, be sure to join them at their events or visit