While the size of Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013 might not match the one held in Tokyo itself, this is nevertheless still a big show with a massive number of cars filling up the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. And to share with you folks a piece of the massiveness here, we have prepared a list of the show’s highlights that even we could not get enough of them.


Starting off the list is something that we have been looking forward in meeting the car in flesh. Coming all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun, the presence of this legend never fails to turn heads. Whether it is the striking color combination or the car itself, the Spoon NSX-R just wows the JDM lovers.

Also a stunner is another great car from Honda, and those who had spent hours watching Best Motoring videos will recognize this car in a heartbeat. Sporting a clean coat of Championship White, the aggressive lines from the Amuse S2000 GT1 widebody kit serves as a visua warning that no matter where you encounter it, it is best to move aside and let it pass.

Honda seems to be bringing down their heavy guns as there topping off cherry on top of the cake is a Civic FD, but not the one you usually see on the roads. With carbon fiber dominating its body panels, you could almost call the Mugen RR Concept the Japanese Koenigsegg CCXR Edition.

One of the reasons why the Toyota 86 is pretty much underpowered is so that this FR machine is available for a wide range of upgrades, and Top Secret had done an impressive job transforming it into a road legal rocket bunny.

Remember the LFT86 bit that we posted sometime back? We were not expecting to see it, but they had actually brought one down to Singapore! This unique kit from DAMD could very much be the closest thing one could get to owning a Lexus LFA, but with a very small budget of course.

We will be back for more highlights of the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013, so do stay tuned!